Strategic financial and investment advice.

Strategic financial and investment advice.

Strategic financial and investment advice.Strategic financial and investment advice.Strategic financial and investment advice.

We help individuals, trusts and endowments understand their investments and achieve their goals.

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What we do

 As a firm, we help individuals, trusts and small endowments define and work towards their specific financial goals.  We emphasize low-cost investing with diverse asset allocations in order to help you stay balanced in an ever changing market.  It is our belief that having a plan in place before the markets change is essential.


We believe in relationships

We start every relationship with a free consultation to get a basic understanding of your current financial and investment situation. Once we know where you are and your future goals, we will quote a fee for further analysis and developing a specific investment strategy. At our next meeting we will go over the analysis and collaborate on allocations to specific asset classes and investment funds. After that, we will meet regularly, as your finances require, to keep you on track and balanced in a complex and dynamic financial world.


Getting Started

When you are ready to start taking control of your finances, we're here to help.  


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The Chadwick Group, Inc is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Maryland.  Services may or may not be immediately provided to investors outside of Maryland and will be managed on a case by case basis. We invite your inquiry and are happy to assist you as we are able.

Investment results are not guaranteed, and investments may lose value.